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"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the coastline of wonder". Once again, the friends of OLBIA EXPERIENCE, with the simplicity of those who know how to "make a group" and the competence of those who know how to engage with their knowledge, have filled our thirst for knowledge, leading us to discover the wonders of OZIERI !! 😘 "At the next friends, one is never satisfied with you 👍
Vanna Puddu
Olbia Experience: a wonderful way to get to know the natural corner that you don't even imagine, that our home hides from you! It offered me the opportunity to love the magical colors of our sea thanks to the beautiful sailing trip! Absolutely must try !!
Giulia Piras
Immersed in nature we rediscover the scents of Mediterranean and enriched ourselves by remembering our past!
All this is possible thanks to Olbia Experience!
A deserved 10/10 to this fantastic association !!!
Laura Orrù

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Thanks to Olbia Experience that propose us these beautiful excursions. I couldn't start 2019 in a better way..... New people, always guaranteed fun. Very nice group, every time the laughs are assured. Breathtaking landscapes, hidden paths that I had never traveled before... every excursion is always a nice surprise and wonderful places we visit.
Vivianna Piro
Partying is always a good thing ... Doing it in Sardinia at Cala Brandinchi, in the company of wonderful people, among the heady scents of the Mediterranean scrub while sipping a nice Vermentino Of Gallura is a priceless experience. Brava Elisa and congratulations to all the Olbia experience team ... Chapeau !!!
Roberto Sotgiu